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RELIX Co., LIMITED, IoT hardware manufacturers and IoT platform solution provider dedicated to providing information communication technology to its customers, partners, which was founded years by a group of talented experts who got an IoT industry experience of more than 10 years. 

Best IoT hardware manufacturers provide the best IoT platform

You need always the best IoT hardware manufacturers because Getting associated, and remaining associated, has never been progressively significant for organizations from handling installments to break down information, business coherence can be undermined without versatile system access just as dependable system failover in case of Internet blackouts...


Given IoT platform, picking and coordinating the correct parts from different merchants and IoT remote bearers for a total IoT platform, be that as it may, can demonstrate troublesomely.


    Our Mission

    We aim to provide a convenient way for business, We fight to contribute for a fully connected world, We share technology as well as happiness.


    Our Vision

    Possible ideas, Future experiences.


    Our Passion

    As a future-oriented company, we are willing to make the IoT industry applications much easier to implement, especially for you.

Our Service
Area of Expertise

GPS Trackers

we bring you closer to the all well-connected world with advanced secure VPN solution.

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Industrial IoT cellular VPN Wi-Fi Routers

Seamless remote management and connections for your business. Provided By Relix

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Industrial PoE Switches

we bring you closer to the all well-connected world with advanced secure VPN solution.

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Smart Lock

Security is always our priority concern as we perfer to prevent you from worrying about safety.

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RELIX is willing to provide services which is beyond compare, which as to provide our esteemed customers
with future experience using current technologies, get one board, enjoy the journey with us.

RELIX principle: The most beautiful part in business cooperation is what we are doing is just
what you are looking, why not get started now to contact RELIX?

First Class Solutions

We are providing a wide range of GPS Trackers & Asset Tracking
& Smart Lock, Industrial IOT cellular VPN Wi-Fi Routers and
Industrial PoE Switches.

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