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small gps vehicle tracker RG201
GPS vehicle Tracker RG201 - 2G - GPRS

The RG201 is a Mini GPS vehicle tracker designed f

small gps vehicle tracker RG202
GPS Vehicle Tracker RG202 - 2G - GPRS

The RG202 is a Mini GPS vehicle tracker designed f

small GPS vehicle tracker RG205
GPS Vehicle Tracker RG205 - 2G - GPRS

The RG205 is a Mini GPS vehicle tracker designed f

small GPS vehicle tracker RG250
GPS Vehicle Tracker RG250 - 2G - GPRS

The RG250 is a full featured GPS tracker designed

small GPS vehicle tracker RG302
Mini GPS tracker RG302 - 3G - 2G - GPRS

The RG302 is a Mini GPS tracker designed for a wid

small GPS vehicle tracker RG350
Vehicle Tracker RG350 - 3G - 2G - GPRS

The RG350 is a full featured GPS tracker designed

small GPS vehicle tracker RG402
GPS Tracker RG402 - 4G - NB-IoT - CAT M1-eMTC

It has baisc I/O interfaces that can be used for G

small GPS vehicle tracker RG450
Vehicle Tracker RG450 - 4G - NB-IoT - CAT M1-eMTC

The RG450 is a full featured GPS tracker designed

Small GPS Trackers

GPS Tracker is maybe the smallest GPS tracker accessible with regards to being flexible, covert, and obviously, the best small GPS tracker for cars. More than a month battery on a single charge, it's elusive a smaller GPS tracker with this level of battery ability. Relix Networks has been one of the most successful manufacturing and supplying companies, especially suppliers in Europe and the United Kingdom, and also worldwide. Relix makes more reliable, easy to use, and effective Products. The IoT hardware company manufactures and sellers the best small GPS Trackers.

Small GPS Tracking Devices

Best GPS Tracker for cars is RG201, RG202, RG205, RG250, RG302 - 2G or 3G, or 4G– GPRS, the Mini GPS vehicle/car tracker _designed for a wide range of vehicle tracking applications. It has the necessary I/O interfaces that can use GPS tracking for a vehicle. Its interior GPS antenna has superior sensitivity and fast time to be located. It's GSM Quad-Band system supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz and supports the tracker location to be monitor in current or from time to time tracked by a server and mobile devices. Our product can be the best tracker for cars and various kinds of vehicles.


Small GPS Trackers Product Overview:

Real-time tracking: The GPS tracker supports SMS tracking, APP tracking and website tracking, best GPS tracking for a car. Through RG201, RG202, RG205, RG250, RG302 GPS Tracker can also find real-time positions (accuracy of up to 5 meters) and 180 days historical routes.

Easy to install: The GPS tracker is straightforward to install via two cables connected to the positive and negative sides of the battery. The tracking devices will work with a 2G SIM card or 3G/4G SIM card with a 2G network: You can choose between the Vodafone, O2 SIM cards that need to detect GSM networks.

Anti-Thief: You can set the GEO fence for daily parking in the tracking app. An alert message sent to the administrator's phone and a warning from the tracking app when your car has left the fence over 200 meters.

Move-alarm: phone number can be administrated. Open the move alarm through send "move123456" whenever you require it. The move alarm sent a message to the admin's phone number whenever the tracker moves beyond 200m.

 Small GPS Trackers Features:

- GPS Portable best car tracker/detector tracking system

- Built-in GSM / GPS antenna

- Google map link Supported, not mandatory platform registration

- Location trace by SMS / GPRS

- GPS tracked time interval (10 - 18000s)

- Real-time location tracking through SMS

- Password required for any setup alteration

- Input voltage is suitable for all cars

- Hidden or open installation

-Working status presenting by LED indicators light


Small GPS Trackers Specification:

- GPS bands: 850 , 900 ,1800 , 1900  GSM

 -GSM 2100 MHz-UMTS (RG250)

- GPS sensitivity: -159dBm

- GPS accuracy: 5m

- Range/Mileage report: Distance interval

- Input: DC 9V – 100V (RG201), 9V -- 55V (RG202, RG302) 9V -- 70V (RG205), 9V -- 60V (RG250) (plug and use)

- Working temperature: 25?--75? (RG201, RG202, RG205, RG302) -40? -- 85? (RG250)

-GPS Frequency: 1575.42 MHZ (RG201, RG202, RG205, RG250, RG302)


Small GPS Trackers Package Content:

1x GPS Tracker

1x Power Cable

1x User Manual

Best GPS trackers for car suggested: safe driving; fleet tracking; young car driving learning. Even though the above can also utilize for vehicle tracking, it will most likely be unable to address your issues or be less expert.

We're pleased to introduce our most present scope of Best GPS trackers for car, with their supreme battery life, size and cost. They are the absolute smallest in the world, yet don't let the size underestimated. Everyone packs a battery and innovation that it will take a month ago or years on a single charge.

We remain by our gadgets and are focused on conveying top quality innovation that you can depend on for an extended period. Our clients continually amaze us with new and inventive utilizations the best GPS tracker for cars. We consider our technology as an empowering influence. If you want something a little extraordinary, we'd love to get a response from you. We are proud to serve our dedicated online customer.