Router RX100 - 4G - 3G

RX-100 series Router is the internet of thing mobile broadband router and a machine to machine (M2M) industrial cellular router.

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RX-100 series Router is the internet of thing mobile broadband router and a machine to machine


(M2M) industrial cellular router, which can optional works on 4G/3G cellular network to provide reliable, secure and high speed mobile connectivity with VPN supported. The R100 is powerful and programmable industrial mobile router with high performance, small, compact and hardened mechanical design, it allows you to easily integrate it into your system, and is suitable to be used in the application where space is critical factors, such as intelligent transportation system, telemetry, ATM, Vending machine and video surveillance etc.


RX-100 equips a single Ethernet LAN port and one serial port, VPN features also can be configured in WLINK router, allowing you to utilize virtual private network service through a 4G/3G wireless router and built for stresses and workload of a modern industrial or commercial environment.


Setting up the WLINK cellular R200 router is quick and easy - simply insert your 4G SIM card into the SIM card slot, connect the antennas and power up the equipment. In order to connect to the internet you simply need to enter the correct. APN settings in the web setting interface and the router will then connect and provide high speed 4G mobile broadband internet.

Industrial robust design and compact metal housing

High data speed via FDD 4G or 3G network, 2.5G compatible backwards.

Strong electromagnetic interference Resistance

Heat endurance and radiation ability

Built-in watchdog, Multi-link detection

Ultra Safety, VPN: PPTP, L2TP, GPE, IPsec

High Reliability: Hardware link self-recovery

MIMO antenna for 4G

Always online, reboot automatically if disconnected to ensure continual connection

Support APN and VPDN wireless private network access in

LCP/ICMP/flow/heartbeat check, ensure network usability

Web/CLI/SSH/Management platform support, easy configure

SNMP network management, NTP support

Local & remote management (configuration, status, upgrade firmware)

Supports DHCP Server

Supports DNS proxy and Dynamic DNS (DDNS)

Supports timing operation

Supports LED status indication

Shock and vibration resistant

  • - Optional Network Type includes FDD/TDD 4G, DC-HSPA+/H SPA+/HSPA/UM TS/WCDMA 3G, EVDO 3G
    - DTU serial communication function optional
    -M2M Management platform software optional available
    -OpenVPN Optional
    -PPTP Sever optional
    - Schedule reboot optional
    - Customized acceptable
    - Wall Mounting or DIN Rail Mounting optional


Supports Mobile Network
  • FDD / TDD 4G
Ethernet Standard
  • IEEE 802.3
  • IEEE 802.3u
  • 1×10/100Mb LAN interface
  • 1× RS-232 console port(optional)
  • 2× SMA-K antenna interface
  • 1× Standard SIM/R-UIM interface
  • 1× Standard DC power interface
LED instruction
  • Net
  • LAN
  • PWR
Route protocol
  • Static route
  • RIPv2/OSPF dynamic route
Power supply
  • 5 ~ 32VDC
Device management
  • Local or remote web browser (IE v8 or above)
  • CLI/Telnet command
  • M2M management platform (optional)
  • SSH configure (optional)
  • IPSec
  • PPTP/L2TP client
Firewall & Filter
  • IP packet/Domain/MAC filter
  • NAT
  • DMZ
  • Dimension: 78.5mm x 59mm x 23.5mm (not including antenna)
  • Weight: 15g
  • Operation temperature: -30 ~ +70 degree
  • Store temperature: -40 ~ +85 degree
  • Related humidity:
  • Guarantee: one year
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